Groundhog Syllables Game

3 words related to Groundhog Day have been broken into syllables and scrambled. Use the clues below to put the syllables together to spell the 3 words.

Pick the FIRST syllable of one of the 3 Groundhog Day Mystery Words.

Groundhog Day Vocabulary Spelling Word Definitions

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al*fal*fa: A favorite snack for groundhogs bur*row: A groundhog digs this and lives in it. coy*o*te: Groundhogs have to watch out for this predator. dan*de*li*on: Something a groundhog may munch on di*ur*nal: Active during the day, like groundhogs Feb*ru*ar*y: Groundhog Day's month ground*hog: Punxsutawney Phil, for example her*bi*vore: A groundhog is this, although it may eat the odd insect hi*ber*nate: What groundhogs do during the winter hol*i*day: Groundhog Day, for example low*land: Some marmots like the mountains, but groundhogs prefer this kind of environment. mam*mal: A groundhog is this kind of animal: they feed their babies milk, have fur, and are warm-blooded mar*mot: A kind of ground squirrel, which includes the groundhog nui*sance: Groundhogs are this to a farmer, since they eat grasses and vegetables and dig burrows. Penn*syl*va*nia: Punxsutawney Phil's state pred*a*tor: What a bobcat or eagle is to a groundhog pre*dic*tion: A guess or forecast about what will happen Punx*su*taw*ney: The town that's home to America's most famous groundhog ro*dent: A kind of mammal, known for chewing, that includes rats, mice, squirrels and groundhogs shad*ow: If the groundhog sees this, the prediction is that winter will last another six weeks un*der*ground: Beneath the surface, where a groundhog's burrow is whis*tle: What a groundhog will do to warn other groundhogs of danger whis*tle*pig: Another name for a groundhog, which whistles to warn of danger wood*chuck: Another name for a groundhog, which comes from the Algonquian "wuchak" win*ter: Groundhog Day is halfway between this season and spring