English Learning Game: Make Words from Syllables

Syllable Jewels Word Game

Choose jewels to build the words that are missing from the sentences below.
Pick the first syllable of one of the missing words.

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She has great natural *. A towel will * the water. He opens the wrong door by *. She * me of being lazy. When did the train *? We played a good game, * we didn't win. * is the study of planets, stars and outer space. His height is *, not tall but not short. Do the two sides of the scale *? The school name is printed on the *. The river is the * between the two states. A major environmental problem is * change. The soldiers * their fort. Let's * our plan to raise money. I will * your suggestion. A letter that is not a vowel is a *. Asia is the largest *. I am * about what happened to them. Riding without a helmet is *. Draw a * to solve the problem. I * with you, but that doesn't mean I don't like you. Spanish ships came to * the New World. She was thrilled to see the * singer. The * king kept all the gold. It's a good * to wash your hands often. An * has six legs. What do you * to do? He's your friend, not your *. If it is an *, find an adult or call 911. Recycle to help protect our *. Walking to school is good *. We visited a pencil *. The Earth's * makes the ball fall. The ocean is the whale's *. Can you * all the squares in that group of shapes? The * on the box lists what's in the cereal. That corn comes from a * farm. He called himself to * his phone. Be sure to * the name of your school. Leave a * after the beep. I'm *, but I try to look calm. Did you * where she sat? A guitar is a musical *. She is very * and always gets good marks. The lion had a * mane. Is that really *? The baby was asleep in the *. Let us * a moment of silence. Whales live in the *. The band will * at halftime. The Earth is our *. It's hard to * who will win. We can * many accidents if we're careful. I'd like to * that we meet later today. Let's * all the words before the test. The * of good is bad. A tiger is a *. It is a * to be given this award. Do you * which glass is yours? You are * for your own actions. My favorite subject is *. If there is lightning, don't take * under a tree. Add * to make it sweeter. Is it strong enough to * your weight? We took a * of the class pets. Keep the dirty plates * from the clean ones. We must find a * to the problem. His shoes weren't * for baseball. They hunt for buried *. When she finished the race, it was a great * for her. Put everything in the * and pull it up the hill. The bride wore a white gown at the *. He spoke words of *. The * storm destroyed the house. He had a * to explain why the apple fell. Check the * to see how hot it is. She is * to be here because she is sick. Let's welcome the * to our school. We need a * help clean up.