Fun Vocabulary Spelling: Build Words from Syllables

St. Patrick's Syllables Game

3 words related to St. Patrick's Day have been broken into syllables and scrambled. Use the clues at the bottom to put the syllables together to spell the 3 words.

Pick the FIRST syllable of one of the 3 St. Patrick's Day Mystery Words.

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Spelling Word Definitions

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ban*shee: a Gaelic folklore spirit whose wails are a death warning Bel*fast: The capital of Northern Ireland bish*op: St. Patrick escaped Ireland as a slave, but returned as this type of church official (also a chess piece). Blar*ney: Kiss this Stone to get the gift of gab Brit*ain: St. Patrick's birthplace, even though he's the patron saint of Ireland cel*e*brate: mark an event by doing something special Celt*ic: Related to Celts, groups of people including Irish, Welsh, and Gaelic, and their language clo*ver: A shamrock is the three-leaf type of this plant, the four-leaf type is lucky, they say Dub*lin: The capital of the Republic of Ireland Em*er*ald: ____ Isle - Ireland's nickname, due to its lush green landscape Er*in: An old, poetic name for Ireland Eir*e: The Irish name for Ireland fam*ine: a terrible shortage of food Gael*ic: related to the Celtic people of Ireland and Scotland Hi*ber*ni*an: related to Ireland hol*i*day: a special day to celebrate like St. Patrick's day Ire*land: Saint Patrick is the patron saint of this country. I*rish: What everybody is on St. Patrick's Day leg*end: a well known traditional story lep*re*chaun: a mischievous Irish folklore elf that hides a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow mis*chief: playful misbehaviour, trouble mis*chie*vous: naughty, like a playful troublemaker pa*rade: people marching to celebrate, wear your green hat when you join one of these on St. Patrick's Day Pat*rick: He's a saint and March 17 is his day. pa*tron: St. Patrick is the ____ saint of Ireland - he is its special guardian. poo*ka: a scary mischievous spirit of Irish folklore that sometimes appears as a dark horse po*ta*to: A blight destroyed this very important crop resulting in the Great Famine. rain*bow: The leprechaun's pot of gold is at the end of one. sham*rock: The three-leaf clover that's a symbol for Ireland shep*herd: Somebody who herds sheep, as Saint Patrick did in his youth shil*le*lagh: a strong thick stick used as a club sym*bol: an image that stands for something, as the harp is the symbol for Ireland tra*di*tion: beliefs and customs that are handed down from the past