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a bate=stop; reduce; decrease ab jure=reject; renounce; disavow ab bre vi ate=shorten ab di cate=resign; surrender; give up ab er ra tion=oddity; difference; abnormality ab hor=hate; despise ab ro gate=repeal; abolish; rescind ab stain=avoid; refrain a cer bic=sharp; biting; acid ac ri mo ny=bitterness; bad feeling; hostility a cu men=insight; cleverness; sharpness ad u la tion=praise; adoration ad ver si ty=hardship; misfortune aes thet ic=artistic; pertaining to beauty al le vi ate=lighten; ease a pain or burden am biv a lent=undecided; uncertain am i ca ble=friendly; agreeable a nach ro nis tic=outdated; out of the context of time an ec dote=story; short, often funny, account an tag o nist=opponent; foe; enemy ar id=dry; parched as sid u ous=tireless; persistent, hard-working a sy lum=refuge; place of safety; sanctuary aus pi cious=favorable; lucky; promising be nev o lent=kind; friendly; helpful bi as=tilt; prejudice bois ter ous=loud; rowdy; enthusiastic bra zen=bold brusque=curt; rude ca ma ra de rie=friendship; togetherness; fellowship can dor=openness; frankness can ny=shrewd; crafty; clever ca pa cious=roomy; big; spacious ca pit u late=surrender; give up ca pri cious=fickle; changeable; erratic cen sure=condemn; criticize harshly cir cu i tous=indirect; roundabout; taking the longest route clair voy ant=seer; psychic who can predict the future co gent=reasonable; convincing; rational col lab o rate=cooperate; work together com pas sion=sympathy com pro mise=agreement; meet halfway; deal that settles differences con de scend ing=snobbish; patronizing con di tion al=limited; depending on; with reservations con form ist=follower; going along with convention or tradition con ver gence=meeting; coming together del e te ri ous=harmful dem a gogue=rabble-rouser; agitator; troublemaker des ul to ry=aimless; random; unfocused di gres sion=detour; off the main point dil i gent=hard-working; thorough; dedicated dis cred it=disprove; dishonor; show to be untrue dis dain=scorn; look down on di ver gent=different; moving apart; going in different directions ec lec tic=diverse; assorted; wide-ranging e gre gious=bad; awful; appalling em pa thy=understanding; feeling someone else's feeling em u late=imitate; follow the example of en er vat ing=weakening; tiring; draining strength e phem er al=fleeting; passing; temporary ev a nes cent=disappearing quickly; not lasting long ex cul pate=acquit; clear of blame ex em pla ry=ideal; model of perfection; admirable ex ten u at ing=justifying; explaining flor id=fancy; ornate for bear ance=patience; restraint; tolerance for ti tude=strength for tu i tous=lucky; accidental; happening by chance fos ter=promote; aid; advance fraught=filled with fru gal=thrifty gra tu i tous=unwarranted; free; unearned hack neyed=stale; trite haugh ty=stuck-up; conceited; arrogant he don ist=pleasure-seeker hy poth e sis=guess; unproven theory; conjecture im pet u ous=rash; hasty; impulsive imp ute=assign; attribute; credit to in con se quen tial=trivial; unimportant; worthless in ev i ta ble=unavoidable; undeniable in trep id=brave; bold; fearless in tu i tive=natural; instinctive in vet er ate=chronic; seasoned; habitual ju bi la tion=joy; extreme happiness lob by ist=influencer; person hired to win over government officials lon gev i ty=endurance; durability; long-lived men dac i ty=lies; deceit; dishonesty mol li fy=calm; soothe mun dane=boring; ordinary non cha lant=casual; laid-back; relaxed ob du rate=unbending; inflexible; stubborn op u lent=rich; lavish; luxurious or a tor=speaker os ten ta tious=showy; flaunting wealth parched=dry; thirsty; dried out per fid i ous=disloyal; betraying; double-crossing prag ma tic=practical pre co cious=gifted; talented beyond one's years pre ten tious=affected; self important; snobbish or overblown pro cras ti nate=delay; postpone pro sa ic=dull; plain; uninspired pros per i ty=wealth; success pro voc a tive=disturbing; inflammatory; intended to excite pru dent=careful; cautious; wise quer u lous=grouchy; irritable; prone to argument ran cor ous=bitter; resentful; unpleasant re clu sive=hermit-like; withdrawn; solitary rec on cil i a tion=reunion; agreement; coming back together ren o va tion=repair; renewal; being redone re strained=controlled; not free; muted rev er ence=respect; awe sa gac i ty=wisdom scru ti nize=inspect; examine; look at carefully spon ta ne ous=unplanned; impulsive; without thinking spu ri ous=false; fake; counterfeit sub mis sive=meek; obedient; passive sub stan ti ate=prove; confirm; support sub tle=slight; faint; small; not easily noticed su per fi cial=shallow; not going beneath the surface su per flu ous=unnecessary; excessive sur rep ti tious=secret; sneaky tact ful=polite; considerate te na cious=dogged; stubborn; persistent tran sient=temporary; impermanent ven er a ble=respected because of its age; esteemed vin di cate=justify; prove right; free from blame war y=watchful; cautious; distrustful