Frequently Confused Adjectives

(much, many, some, any, few, little, less)

Not sure which adjective to use? Practice with this fun game. For 3rd or 4th grade and up.

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There are _ cars on the road./1/much,many How _ goals were scored?/1/much,many There isn't _ cream in my coffee./0/much,many He doesn't have _ friends./1/much,many I take _ pills./1/much,many The baby doesn't have _ hair./0/much,many There are _ countries I'd like to visit./1/much,many How _ sports books do you have?/1/much,many How _ milk do you drink each day?/0/much,many I didn't get _ sleep last night./0/much,many The balls cost only _ dollars./1/a little,a few I need to buy _ soccer balls./1/a little,a few There are _ people at the game./1/a little,a few I'd like _ cream in my coffee./0/a little,a few I have _ money left to spend./0/a little,a few Please add _ salt to the potatoes./0/a little,a few Charlie has _ friends./1/a little,a few The kitten is _./0/little,a little She doesn't have _ money./0/much,many That size hat is _ small for you./1/little,a little _ traffic would be good for the city./0/Less,Fewer Would you like _ more water?/1/little,a little The _ baby is crying./0/little,a little How _ snow fell last night?/0/much,many How _ days are left in this school term?/1/much,many I hope _ snow falls this week./0/less,fewer He is _ happy than he used to be./0/less,a little I think _ people will be here today./1/less,fewer There are _ elephants at the zoo now./1/less,fewer _ people love football./0/Some,Any Let's buy _ coffee./0/some,any We will have _ news soon./0/some,any He doesn't have _ friends./1/some,any There isn't _ snow on the ground./1/some,any I think I will have _ cake./0/some,any He has _ good ideas./0/some,any There isn't _ bread left./1/some,any He has _ homework to finish./0/some,any She doesn't have _ homework today./1/some,any We finished the test without _ problems./1/some,any Could I have _ water?/0/some,any There are _ players on the field./1/a little,a few Can you please buy _ oranges?/1/a little,a few He only spent _ dollars on the gift./1/a little,a few He needs _ help in the kitchen./0/a little,a few I know _ of the players./0/some,any I will lend you _ money./0/some,many There aren't _ apples left./1/some,many _ of his friends understand him./0/Few,Little How _ time is left in this period?/0/much,many There's _ I can do to help./1/few,little