Fun Subject Verb Agreement Practice Game

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball Game

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Pick the correct verb.
Click to start the game clock.

You ______ two points if you pick the correct verb.


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He _ the ball quickly up the court./0/moves,move She _ down the court./0/runs,run James _ a quick shot./0/takes,take Wiggins _ from behind the three-point line./0/shoots,shoot Jason _ the score with a three-point shot./0/ties,tie Payton _ the tickets for the game./0/buys,buy The big man _ the shot easily./0/blocks,block The player _ at the free-throw line./0/stands,stand He _ three quick baskets to tie the game./0/sinks,sink She _ over 20 points for the fourth game in a row./0/scores,score Taylor _ to predict who will be in the Sweet Sixteen./0/tries,try Paul _ a perfect, no-look pass./0/makes,make Kyrie _ the ball to the center./0/dishes,dish He _ the ball with authority./0/dunks,dunk Curry _ the game with a three-point shot as the clock runs out./0/wins,win The ball _ off the rim./0/bounces, bounce The mascot _ from the sidelines./0/cheers,cheer The trainer _ her a towel./0/hands,hand My uncle _ a lot of basketball during March Madness./0/watches,watch The referee _ the ball in the air./0/throws,throw He _ the name of the team that he thinks will win./0/writes,write She correctly _ three of the Final Four./0/guesses,guess Often the point guard _ the play./0/directs,direct We _ it to be a close game./1/expects,expect My friends _ tickets for the game./1/buys,buy The two guards _ the ball quickly up the court./1/moves,move Often point guards _ the play./1/directs,direct They _ the first game of the season./1/wins,win You _ in the name of the team that you think will win./1/fills,fill They _ by a single point!/1/wins,win The players _ out onto the court./1/runs,run The cheerleaders _ from the sidelines./1/cheers,cheer They _ over 80 points in the final game./1/scores,score We _ it to be a close game./1/expects,expect The players _ the ball well./1/shoots,shoot The mascots _ around the court./1/runs,run My friends _ to predict who will be in the Sweet Sixteen./1/tries,try The fans _ their approval./1/roars,roar The players _ when the referee throws the ball in the air./1/jumps,jump Five players _ on the floor./1/is,are Two starting players _ freshmen./1/is,are We correctly _ four of the Elite Eight./1/guesses,guess The teams _ up to shake hands after the game./1/lines,line The fans _ for the national anthem./1/stands,stand My cousins _ a lot about college basketball./1/knows,know My parents _ a lot of basketball during March Madness./1/watches,watch The brothers _ both excellent players./1/is,are