Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences

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Conjunction Cats Game

Join two sentences to make one.
Pick the best conjunction to put in the sentence.


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Dave is on the right, _ Jake is on the left./and/but/or Mia slices the cake, _ Olivia scoops ice cream./and/but/or Emily will bake a cake, _ I'll bring a pie./and/but/or Logan opens the cooler, _ I fill it with ice./and/but/or It's winter, _ I can't wait for spring./and/but/or It's raining, _ the creek looks like a river./and/but/or She just arrived, _ everybody wants to meet her./and/but/or He waved as the bus left, _ we waved back./and/but/or I'll take the high road, _ you take the low road./and/but/or Dan and Dave are twins, _ I can't tell them apart./and/but/or Zoe won, _ Avery came in second./and/but/or We can eat early, _ we can eat after the show./or/and/but You can do it alone, _ we can help you./or/and/but Please be quiet, _ you will have to leave./or/and/but Leave it here, _ take it over to the sink./or/and/but I can buy tickets now, _ we can get them later./or/and/but We can finish now, _ we can do it tomorrow./or/and/but I can come to your house, _ we can meet at school./or/and/but We can play catch, _ we can shoot baskets./or/and/but We should go early, _ we won't get seats./or/and/but You shout, _ nobody can hear you./but/and/or I know Harper, _ I haven't met her sister./but/and/or Owen is a good pitcher, _ he can't hit./but/so/or The sky is cloudy, _ I don't think it will rain./but/and/or I can go, _ I don't want to stay for very long./but/and/or You can go out, _ do your homework first./but/and/or I looked, _ I couldn't find my key./but/and/or She rang the doorbell, _ nobody was home./but/and/or We had a flashlight, _ it didn't work./but/and/or We want to go out, _ it is too rainy./but/and/or Riley shouted, _ they were too far away to hear./but/and/or Jackson swings, _ he misses the ball./but/so/or Caleb's kick is long enough, _ it hooks left./but/and/or Nick leads at first, _ Aubrey wins in the end./but/and/or I can't swim, _ I won't go into the water./so/but/or I have to be home by noon, _ we have to leave now./so/but/or It's almost dark, _ we can't play much longer./so/but/or Pick up that trash, _ we don't leave a mess./so/but/or The floor is wet, _ watch where you walk./so/and/or We have room in our car, _ we can take you home./so/but/or The bus was late, _ we missed part of the game./so/but/or The rope was too high to jump, _ we ducked under it./so/and/or It started to rain, _ we all ran inside./so/but/or James was sleepy, _ he went to bed./so/but/or Dan was hungry, _ he ate early./so/but/or