Fun Brain Game: Build Words from Syllables

Veterans Day Syllables Game

Collect images of ribbons by building words from these syllables.
If you need a clue, look at the sentences below.
Pick the first syllable of one of the missing words.

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ad mi ral air borne air man ar my ar mi stice bar racks bat tal ion cam paign cap tain col o nel com bat com mand er cor po ral de fend du ty en list ment en sign free dom gen er al hon or in fan try kha kis lieu ten ant ma jor ma rine med al na vy o ver seas pri vate pro tect re cruit rib bon re serve sea man ser geant ser vice sol dier spe cial ist u ni form vet er an
An * is the highest ranking officer in the Navy and the Coast Guard. * troops are soldiers who are trained to parachute into battle from airplanes. A member of the U. S. Air Force is called an *. The * is the branch of the Armed Forces that carries out military operations on land. Veterans Day used to be called * Day. * are the buildings where soldiers live. A * is a large military unit made up of hundreds of soldiers. A * is a series of connected military operations and battles. A * is a higher ranking officer in the Navy and Coast Guard than in the Army and Air Force. A * is a high ranking officer in the Army, Air Force and Marines. The equivalent naval rank is Captain. Until 2013, official U. S. military policy excluded women from direct ground * assignments. In the Navy, a * is a senior officer, similar in rank to a lieutenant colonel in other military branches. A * is often a rank just below sergeant. Veterans serve in the Armed Forces to * our country. A veteran has usually served at least four years of active *. Joining the armed forces is known as *. In the Navy, an * is the first or lowest ranking officer. Veterans Day honors those who have served to defend our country and our *. A * is the highest ranking officer in the Army, Air Force and Marines. On Veterans Day we * those who have served in the Armed Forces. Soldiers who are trained to fight on foot are called *. * are military uniforms that are yellow-brown in color. A * is a military officer. A gold oak leaf is the insignia for an officer with the rank of *. The * Corps is the amphibious branch of the Armed Forces that delivers infantry power by sea or air. The * of Honor is the highest honor that can be awarded to a veteran. The * is the branch of our Armed Forces that fights at sea. Many veterans have served * in places like Iraq or Vietnam. * is the lowest rank in the Army. Veterans serve in the military to * our country. A * is somebody who has just joined the military. A * is a military award, such as the ones seen here. After active duty, a veteran is placed on * and may be recalled if needed. * is a sailor and is also the lowest rank in the Navy and Coast Guard. A * is a non-commissioned officer and the leader of a team of soldiers. On November 11, we honor our veterans for their * to our country. A veteran is somebody who has been a *. A * is a junior army rank similar to a corporal. Each branch of the military has its own distinctive *. A * is a person who has served in the armed forces.