Thanksgiving Cryptogram Comics, A Free Printable Worksheet

Some turkey gobbled up the words in this comic! Each letter has been encrypted, using a letter for letter substitution. Reverse the letter substitution to reveal the original text.

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No giblets, but there's an organ donor card.; 1; They won't be able to make giblet gravy with that bird. It's just that I would be more thankful if we had roast beef.; 2; Roast beef may not be as traditional as turkey - but it does taste great. You'd better get out of the sun, Ralph… looks like you're done.; 3; The turkey on the right is named Ralph. That was nice, but I don't want to make it a regular thing.; 4; Well, it did become a regular thing - at least on the 4th Thursday of November. He's got a point. Nobody eats a flamingo on Thanksgiving.; 5; You can probably guess the last word if you notice that it's capitalized. I don't feel very thankful.; 6; You can hardly expect a turkey to share that thankful feeling. I'd skip that one - it's gonna be all dried out.; 8; Tanning can be very drying! Thanksgiving? Sounds great! But what's that got to do with my pet turkey?; 12; Who has a pet turkey?! Ha, ha. This is all just, ha, ha, a BIG misunderstanding...; 14; The most common two-letter word here is a funny one. I see a future filled with bread crumbs.; 15; She sees kind of a crumby future for him! Maybe we're thankful but it's not like we're going to admit it...; 16; Cats are just too entitled to admit that they're thankful. I just don't get this generation...; 17; The older generation just never does get it. The Halloween stuff is out! Do you know what this means? DO YOU?; 18; Halloween stuff seems to appear earlier every year! And you know which holiday follows Halloween. You think YOU have a bad feeling about this...; 20; Turkeys aren't the only ones who have a bad feeling about Thanksgiving. Hold on...I want to post a pic of my "terrified" face...; 22; Give somebody a smartphone and all they can think of is posting a pic. I guess I'll text grace this year.; 24; Saying grace just isn't what it used to be. I'm keeping my Halloween costume on through November!; 25; Nice Halloween costume! All we're asking for is one day off a year, the 4th Thursday of November; 26; Hmmm...the 4th Thursday of November? If we're not careful, we'll all be eating green bean casserole.; 27; Actually, the green bean casserole was a 1955 Campbell Soup Company recipe.