Thanksgiving Cryptogram Comics, A Free Printable Worksheet

Some turkey gobbled up the words in this comic! Each letter has been encrypted, using a letter for letter substitution. Reverse the letter substitution to reveal the original text.

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No giblets, but there's an organ-donor card.; 1 It's just that I would be more thankful if we had roast beef.; 2 You'd better get out of the sun, Ralph...looks like you're done.; 3; The turkey on the right is named Ralph. That was nice, but I don't want to make it a regular thing.; 4 He's got a point. Nobody eats a flamingo on Thanksgiving.; 5 I don't feel very thankful.; 6; Not everybody can be thankful on Thanksgiving. It's worth a try.; 7 I'd skip that one - it's gonna be all dried out.; 8; Tanning can be very drying! So you wrestled with Farmer Jones for control of the axe. What happened then?; 9; The testimony involves Farmer Jones.