Free Printable Cryptogram Worksheet

Christmas Cryptogram Comics

SOMEBODY stole and encrypted the words from this comic!

Each letter was encrypted with a letter for letter substitution. For example, every letter O was changed to .

Reverse the letter substitution to reveal the original words.

Free advice: Look for contractions, single or double-letter words and double letters - they're easier to guess. And remember, every word has at least one vowel.

For an extra challenge fold along the dotted line and don't peek at the Hints.

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Every T was changed to .

The other vowels were encrypted as: A = , E = , I = and U = .

Oh great - a flat.; 2; That reindeer on the ground looks a little flat! First artificial trees, now this!; 3; The speaker probably prefers a real, rather than an artificial, tree. Love the new scratching post.; 4; To the cat it's just one big scratching post! It's an x-ray of your spine.; 5; The picture is the result of a medical diagonostic test. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.; 7; The words are the lyrics of a popular Christmas tune. I hate when the elves help decorate the tree.; 8; Take a close look at the tree. Santa's helpers may have helped decorate it. I'm going to need to make multiple stops.; 9 …and that's why we don't lean on the glass; 10 Man, I was a hybrid way before hybrids were cool.; 11; That's a hybrid car that's passing by. You played with it before you gave it to me, didn't you?; 12; Don't you hate it when the giver plays with your gift first? What? I thought it would help us blend in.; 13; They don't exactly blend in, do they? I don't think that's going to fit in the overhead compartment.; 14; It's amazing what people try to jam into the overhead compartments. I got you something to save time this Christmas.; 15; That final capitalized word should be easy to guess. Look, if I could reach my wallet, I wouldn't need the auto club!; 17; Aren't auto clubs for when AUTOS get stuck?