Spelling Vocabulary Words with PH Jumbles

Unscramble four words that use PH for the F sound.

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alphabet; the letters, presented in order apostrophe; a punctuation mark used in contractions or to show possession atmosphere; the air around us autograph; a signature, especially a famous person's signature biography; a book about somebody's life catastrophe; a disaster dolphin; a sea mammal, like a porpoise earphone; a sound receiver that fits in the ear elephant; a really big animal with a trunk and tusks emphasize; to give special importance to, to accentuate geography; the study of natural features of the world, countries and maps graph; a series of points representing the values of a function graphic; something drawn or giving a clear picture hyphen; a punctuation mark that looks like a minus sign microphone; it's used to detect and record sounds nephew; your brother or sister's son orphan; somebody with no living parents paragraph; a group of related sentences phantom; something that appears real but doesn't actually exist pharmacy; a drugstore, where you go to fill a prescription pharaoh; an ancient Egyptian ruler phase; a stage of development physician; a doctor philosophy; the study of the nature and meaning of knowledge and being photocopy; a copy made with a machine that uses a photographic method photograph; an image produced with a camera phrase; a group of words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence physical; having to do with the body or material things saxophone; a musical instrument that you blow into sphere; a shape like a ball telephone; something that allows sound to travel across distances so that people can speak with each other trophy; an award or prize, a token of victory triumph; victory, win