Olympic Word Jumble

Unscramble five Olympic Games words.

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arrow; use a bow and this for the sport of archery archery; use a bow and arrow in this sport athlete; somebody who comes to compete at the Olympics badminton; racquets and shuttlecocks are used in this sport baton; pass this along in a relay race boxing; wear gloves, not a box, in this sport bronze; the medal for third place canoe; paddle this kind of boat in one Olympic sport ceremony; one marks the opening and another the closing diving; this is done from a platform or a springboard equestrian; events are dressage, eventing and jumping faster; the first word of the three-word Olympic motto fencing; sabre, epee and foil are used in this sport first; you win a gold medal if you finish in this place flame; this Olympic symbol burns during the Games floor; one of the women's gymnastics exercises is on this gold; the medal that the winner gets gymnastics; the sport that includes artistic, rhythmic and trampoline events higher; the second word of the three-word Olympic motto hockey; in the summer Olympics this is on a field, not on ice horse; the only animal that takes part in the Olympics judo; a martial art from Japan kayak; this water sport requires a double-bladed paddle medal; what you win if you finish first, second or third medley; a swimming event with more than one kind of stroke pentathlon; includes 5 events as its name implies pistol; in Shooting you may use a rifle, a shotgun or this record; more than one is often broken during the Olympics relay; teammates each do part of this kind of race rifle; use this in some of the shooting events rings; there are five of these in the Olympic symbol rowing; in this sport you use oars sailing; you need a racing yacht for this sport second; you win silver for this place silver; the medal for second place taekwondo; a Korean martial art tennis; this racquet sport uses a ball throw; what you do with a javelin, discus or hammer torch; runners carry this to light the Olympic Flame track; where the 100 m sprint and 400 m hurdles take place triathlon; athletes swim, cycle and run in this event velodrome; where the track cycling events take place weight; what you lift in one Olympic sport wrestling; this can be freestyle or Greco-Roman in the Olympics