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Earth Hour Climate Change IQ Quiz

Which of these is the main greenhouse gas?
carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs
carbon dioxide

The difference in average global temperature between an Ice Age and a warm period is approximately
1°C, 6°C, 60°C

The greenhouse gas generated by the decomposition of waste is
carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs

The burning of fossil fuels is the prime cause of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
True, False

The only greenhouse gas that is NOT naturally present in the atmosphere is
carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs

Which greenhouse gas was the first to be regulated worldwide?
methane, CFCs, nitrous oxide

Planting trees will increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
True, False

The oceans show a temperature increase before the land or air.
True, False

Which country currently emits the most greenhouse gases?
India, China, United States, Canada

Which of these forms of transportation is the most energy efficient?
car, bus, train, plane

How long does it take for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to disperse?
1 year, 10 years, 100 years
100 years

Earth Hour, when people switch off their lights to show they are concerned about climate change, is during the last Saturday of
January, March, April

During Earth Hour people show their concern for climate change by
turning off lights, planting trees, wearing green
turning off lights

Which of these gases depletes the Earth's ozone layer?
carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs

Forests, trees and plants
absorb carbon dioxide, produce carbon dioxide
absorb carbon dioxide

Burning fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline
absorbs carbon dioxide, produces carbon dioxide
produces carbon dioxide

During Earth Hour many famous landmarks around the world
fall silent, go dark, set off fireworks
go dark

Greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor, trap
the ozone layer, vehicle emissions, the sun's heat
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