Earth Day Subject Verb Agreement Quiz

Pick the correct verb to complete each sentence.

City lights _ a glow that blocks stars from view./1/causes,cause Greenhouse gases _ the sun’s heat./1/traps,trap Burning fossil fuels _ carbon dioxide./0/produces,produce Trees _ carbon dioxide./1/absorbs,absorb Zoya _ a tree for Earth Day./0/plants,plant The students _ to use less paper. /1/pledges,pledge Using a clothesline instead of a dryer _ energy./0/saves,save Not buying lots of things _ waste./0/reduces,reduce People around the world _ off lights during Earth Hour./1/turns,turn Earth Day _ attention to problems in the environment./0/draws,draw The Eiffel Tower _ dark during Earth Hour./0/goes,go Nocturnal animals _ confused by unnatural light./1/gets,get The Earth _ warmth from the sun./0/gets,get Light pollution _ a glow blocking the stars from view./0/causes,cause The giant panda _ a lot of bamboo./0/eats,eat Giant pandas _ in forests in mountain areas of China./1/lives,live New roads often _ natural habitats./1/disturbs,disturb Roy _ an electric car to save on gas and reduce emissions./0/drives,drive The students _ trees to shade and cool the playground./1/plants,plant Wyatt _ to school instead of riding in a car./0/bikes,bike Scientists _ that global warming is a problem./1/agrees,agree Global warming _ extreme weather events./0/causes,cause Sea levels _ when the polar ice caps melt./1/rises,rise Trees _ up carbon dioxide from the air./1/soaks,soak Earth Day _ appreciation for the Earth’s environment./0/promotes,promote An average person _ 4 pounds of garbage per day./0/creates,create North America _ almost 10,000 gallons of gas per second./0/burns,burn Every day, more than 50 species of plants and animals _ extinct./1/becomes,become A glass bottle _ more than 3,000 years to decompose./0/takes,take Plants and animals _ a healthy environment to survive./1/needs,need Oil spills _ water pollution./1/causes,cause Earth Day _ on April 22./0/occurs,occur Earth Day _ a time when we focus on the environment./0/is,are More than 150 countries _ Earth Day./1/celebrates,celebrate Many local groups _ events for Earth Day./1/organizes,organize If we _ for the earth, we can protect it from harm./1/cares,care Javier never _ water by letting the tap drip./0/wastes,waste George _ water from a refillable bottle./0/drinks,drink We _ what we can to reduce waste./1/recycles,recycle Our school _ all its paper./0/recycles,recycle Megan _ to the store instead of driving./0/walks,walk On Earth Day, the community _ all the parks./0/cleans,clean The students _ up litter in the playground./1/picks,pick Hudson _ bottles for recycling./0/collects,collect Ella _ off the faucet when brushing her teeth./0/turns,turn To conserve water, Ben _ very short showers./0/takes,take Jada and Logan _ to clean up the park./1/helps,help

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