The modern Olympic Games were conceived as a way to promote international understanding through sport by:
Avery Brundage,Baron de Coubertin,King George,Paavo Nurmi
1 The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in:
0 At the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, there were no:
non-Greek athletes,swimming events,women competing
2 The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in:
2 The 1940 Olympic Games, that did not take place due to World War II, were scheduled to be held in:
2 At the 1936 Berlin Games, held while Hitler was in power, four gold medal were won by the great African-American athlete:
Jesse Jackson,Clive Owens,Jesse Owens,Jim Thorpe
2 The great American all-around athlete Jim Thorpe won Olympic gold in both pentathlon and decathlon in 1912, but later had his medals taken away for:
banned substance abuse,playing semi-pro baseball,his Native American ancestry
1 Paavo Nurmi, who won three team gold medals and the individual 1,500 and 5,000 m races, was known as:
the Flying Finn,the Golden Shoe,Super Paavo
0 Who did NOT win an Olympic Gold Medal in Boxing?
Cassius Clay (later known has Muhammed Ali),George Foreman,Sugar Ray Robinson,Leon Spinks
2 Which is NOT true of Emil Zatopek:
member of the Czech royal family,nicknamed the Czech Locomotive,won the Olympic gold medal for the first marathon he ever ran,won 3 long distance running gold medals at the 1952 Helsinki games
0 Who is NOT an Olympic decathlon gold medal winner (traditionally regarded as the world's greatest athlete)?
Rafer Johnson,Bob Mathias,Paavo Nurmi,Daley Thompson,Jim Thorpe
2 Which is NOT true of the 1968 Mexico City games:
African-American athletes gave a black power salute on the podium,U. S. S. R. led a boycott,first Olympics in Latin America,high elevation was a factor
1 The 1972 Munich Olympics were marred by:
the Black September terrorist attack,a Soviet-led boycott,a U.S.-led boycott,massive cost overruns
0 At the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics history was achieved by:
Mary Lou Retton,Nadia Comaneci,Nellie Kim,Olga Korbut
1 At the 1992 Barcelona Games, which player was NOT part of the gold-medal winning American Dream Team?
Charles Barkley,Larry Byrd,Magic Johnson,Michael Jordan,Shaquille O'Neal
4 Which American city has NOT hosted the Summer Olympic Games?
Atlanta,Los Angeles,New York,St. Louis
2 Which city has NOT hosted the Summer Olympic Games at least twice?
Athens,London,Los Angeles,Paris,Rome
4 Which country has NOT hosted the Summer Olympics at least twice?
3 Which is NOT true of the 1980 Olympics:
It was boycotted by the United States.,The host city was Moscow.,It was plagued by drug scandals.,Its mascot was Misha the Bear.
2 The alternate event held as a result of the U. S.-led boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was the:
Friendship Games,Liberty Bell Classic,Pan Am Games,Paralympic Games
1 The alternate event held as a result of the Soviet-led boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was the:
Friendship Games,Liberty Bell Classic,Pan Am Games,Paralympic Games
0 Which Olympic Games were NOT canceled?
1916 Berlin,1920 Antwerp,1940 Tokyo,1944 London
1 The gap between the ancient and modern Olympics was:
about 400 years,about 1500 years,non-existent (the Olympics have been continuous)
1 The Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year until:
2 The Olympic motto is: Faster, Higher, :
Better,Longer,More Powerful,Stronger,Swifter
3 Which is NOT the color of one of the Olympic Rings?
4 The five Olympic Rings represent the five:
continents,fingers,major sports groups,oceans,senses
0 Which sport is NOT part of the Modern Pentathlon?
fencing,long jump,running,shooting,show jumping,shooting
1 Which is NOT a type of Olympic Cycling?
BMX,Motor,Mountain Bike,Road,Track
1 The location for Track Cycling events is:
a ramped outdoor track,hilly countryside,roads and streets,a velodrome
3 Keirin, Pursuit and Omnium are all events in what kind of Cycling?
BMX,Mountain Bike,Road,Track
3 Which Olympic sport is NOT restricted to women only?
Modern Pentathlon,Rhythmic Gymnastics,Synchronised Swimming
0 Dressage and Eventing are part of which sport:
Athletics (Track and Field),Equestrian,Modern Pentathlon,Sailing
1 A Volleyball team has how many people?
1 In both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball a team is allowed how many touches before the ball crosses the net?
0, 1, 2, 3
3 About how far must an Olympic Marathon runner run?
5 km or 3 mi,10 km or 6 miles,42 km or 26 miles,100 km or 60 miles
2 How far does an Olympic Marathon swimmer swim?
5 km,10 km,42 km
1 In Triathlon, which event comes first?
cycling,running,swimming,it differs for men and women
2 Which stroke is swum last in both the Individual Medley and Medley Relay races?
3 Platform, springboard and pike are all terms associated with:
BMX,Diving,High Jump,Triple Jump
1 Which is NOT an event in the Decathlon?
100 m butterfly,100 m sprint,110 m hurdles,long jump,pole vault
0 Which is NOT an event in the Heptathlon?
100 m hurdles,discus throw,javelin throw,long jump,shot put
1 A Summer Olympics Hockey team has how many people?
3 Laser, Finn and Star are events in which Olympic sport?
2 Which is NOT used in Olympic Shooting events?
1 Which is NOT used in Olympic Fencing events?
0 Since its introduction in 1988, Olympic Table Tennis has been dominated by:
1 In Olympic Badminton, a shuttlecock:
can only bounce once before being returned,has five feathers,has 16 feathers,is plastic and weighs 4.8 grams
2 In Olympic Handball:
each team has seven players,men and women may play on the same team,there are both singles and doubles events, very low-scoring games are the norm
0; Which is NOT an Olympic Athletics event?
decathlon,diving, high jump,steeplechase,race walking
1 Chung, hong and shi-jak are terms used in the Olympic sport of:
judo,table tennis,taekwondo,weightlifting
2 Taekwondo is a martial art that comes from what country?

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