Fun Frequently Occurring Prepositions Game


Prep Penguins Game

Pick the best preposition to put in the sentence.


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We will meet _ school./after/of/from Let's meet _ school./after/on/with Friday is the day _ Thursday./after/at/by The dog runs _ the cat./after/into/over Drink some water _ the race./after/by/with Can we meet _ the game?/after/by/in I saw them _ the mall./at/after/from Let's meet _ the bus stop./at/after/on The game starts _ 8:00./at/for/on Is she _ school?/at/on/with The class ends _ 2:30./at/for/on We had fun _ the party./at/of/on Look _ the clock./at/on/in Who was _ the door?/at/from/on The bus went _ my house./by/after/for She gets to school _ car./by/for/with They wait _ the school./by/from/over Her desk is _ the window./by/in/with Our house is _ the lake./by/with/of Keep the bag _ your seat./by/with/over I have a gift _ you./for/to/with What did you bring _ lunch?/for/in/at Bake it _ 30 minutes./for/at/in He was sick _ a week./for/from/by That is a toy _ my dog./for/on/to How long do we have _ lunch?/for/by/with What did you eat _ lunch?/for/of/with Take that book _ my desk./from/at/over How far is the school _ here?/from/of/at This is a gift _ my grandmother./from/by/of He takes a cookie _ the dish./from/out/over We go _ house to house./from/to/on The pandas came _ China./from/of/by We sit _ the back seat./in/at/from He put water _ a dish for his dog./in/on/at She put her hand _ her pocket./in/out/from He was born _ Texas./in/of/on There are three children _ her family./in/of/by There are 7 days _ a week./in/of/at He jumps _ the lake./into/by/for He got _ the car./into/on/after My teacher walks _ the room./into/on/at She falls _ the pool./into/on/at His bike is just _ mine./like/for/over It feels _ an oven in here./like/at/of My sister looks _ my mother./like/from/by She swims _ a fish./like/of/for It smells _ a rose./like/for/from The bug looks _ a leaf./like/by/from January is the first month _ the year./of/on/to Lots _ snow fell today./of/for/on When is the first day _ spring?/of/on/at We sat in the back seat _ the car./of/at/on Two _ my friends are twins./of/from/with Do you want a glass _ water?/of/in/from She eats the rest _ her cake./of/from/by She is afraid _ spiders./of/from/on Put the cup _ the table./on/at/over The bird sits _ the branch./on/at/over Sit _ that chair./on/of/for Is that your book _ the desk?/on/at/over Don't step _ my foot!/on/in/at She went _ the back door./out/on/for I left my bike _ front./out/on/with I look _ the window./out/with/on The rabbit hops _ the log./over/out/at A plane flew _ the school./over/on/with Can you climb _ that fence?/over/of/at He throws the ball _ our heads./over/on/after He is _ six feet tall./over/of/at The soap is on the shelf _ the sink./over/at/after Pull the sheet _ the bed./over/for/with The flag waves _ the fort./over/from/with The clock is _ the door./over/in/from The bird flies _ the school./over/on/with He jumps _ the log./over/with/after She went _ bed late./to/at/on I give the plate _ my mother./to/in/at Go _ the end of the road./to/for/at We drive _ the park./to/for/with He gives some cake _ his brother./to/on/at We go _ the zoo./to/for/of Be kind _ your sister./to/by/at I walk _ school./to/with/at I hide _ my bed./under/from/into The ball rolls _ the car./under/for/of The bug hides _ the rock./under/at/for We find nuts _ the tree./under/at/over The bear looks _ the log./under/from/with Look _ your chair./under/of/with I went _ my friends./with/at/of Take your skates _ you./with/for/under Can you come _ us?/with/at/for Do you want milk _ your cake?/with/for/in I have a coat _ a hood./with/for/of I sit _ my sister./with/at/for My mother helps me _ my homework./with/for/over Can you go _ the party?/to/at/with