Relative Pronouns and Adverbs Game

who, whose, which, what, that, when, where, why


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George, _ lives in London, rides a bike./0/who,that Jared, _ came in first, is from Canada./0/who,whose The man _ bike was stolen phoned the police./0/whose,who Katy wore the new helmet _ she bought./1/that,who This is my friend _ won the race./0/who,which I know a boy _ mother races bikes./0/whose,who Where is the girl _ crashed her bike?/1/which,who Where is the bike _ I bought?/1/who,that The bike _ Max is riding is red./1/what,that Jan, _ is a good racer, likes to win./0/who,that The race is in Madrid, _ is in Spain./0/which,that Luke, _ father is away, needs a ride./1/who,whose The boy _ is cheering loudly is my brother./1/which,who The car _ hit the bike was speeding./1/what,that The person _ phone is ringing should answer it./1/that,whose Is that the track _ the race is?/0/where,that The track _ he rides is near here./0/where,that May is the month _ lots of races happen./0/when,which I wonder _ she stopped racing./1/that,why June 1 is the day _ Tom won the race./0/when,where Clara lives in Georgia, _ everyone loves racing./1/why,where Anna, _ bike just went by, is in first place./1/who,whose To _ did you sell your bike?/1/whose,whom _ motorcycle is that?/1/Who,Whose I have no idea _ won the race./0/who,that Here is the motorcycle _ Jack built./0/that,who He's the guy _ won the race./1/which,who A helmet is something _ is good to wear./1/what,that The bike _ I want costs a lot./1/whose,that Last summer was _ I last raced./1/which,when Moto Park is _ the race is being held./1/when,where The fence, _ surrounds the track, is new./1/what,which Jordan, _ bike is new, had an accident./1/which,whose I bought a motorcycle from Jay _ sells online./1/whose,who All riders _ finish the race get a prize./0/who,which The boy _ bike was stolen is not happy./0/whose,which The next race is in Clearwater, _ is in Florida./1/that,which The bike, _ was delivered today, is great./1/who,which This is the motorcycle _ Ed wants to buy./0/that,what _ he hates most is losing the race./1/That,What He wears a leather jacket _ his father gave him./0/that,who I like the motorcycle _ won the race./1/who,that His bike, _ is a Harley Davidson, goes very fast./1/who,which The drivers obey all the rules _ are in the book./1/whose,that Weston, _ is racing for the first time, came in third./0/who,which Blake, _ is 12 today, is racing for the first time./0/who,when Sara, _ is a photographer, takes photos of the bikes./1/that,who Charlie, _ sister is racing, sits in the stands./1/who,whose