Halloween Subject Verb Agreement

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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A big black bat _ across the sky. Witches and bats _ through the air. Who _ more candy, Noah or Liam? Children _ treats on Halloween. Carving a pumpkin _ a Halloween custom. Black and orange _ Halloween colors. On Halloween, everyone _ a costume. All the teachers _ crazy costumes. Sofia _ her own zombie costume. The children _ their own Halloween decorations. My grandmother _ the best Halloween cupcakes. Logan and Mia _ special Halloween cookies. My neighbor _ a toothbrush with her Halloween treats. Halloween decorations _ pumpkins and bats. Mia _ to every house on the block while trick or treating. Many people _ to Halloween parties. Ava _ 5 candy bars before trick or treating. My brothers _ all their candy on Halloween night. The cook _ the filling for the pumpkin pie. The witches _ the magic brew. A silly clown _ an orange wig. The little girls _ black tutus. A skeleton _ in the closet. Hundreds of bats _ from the ceiling. The hairy spider _ up his leg. Big black beetles _ in the dirt. The werewolf _ at midnight. Every night the coyotes _ at the moon. Ella, in her zombie costume, _ everyone. Spooky stories _ me. Her special costume _ in the dark. The Halloween pumpkins _ brightly in the windows. The hot apple cider _ delicious. The candy bars from last year _ stale. The slimy worm _ through the grass. The black cats _ along the rooftops. My dog _ in the basement on Halloween night. Monsters _ under the bed. His grandmother _ juice the color of blood. Vampires _ blood. Frankenstein _ down my street. The children _ through the school in a Halloween parade. Sophia _ at the sight of the black widow spider. The girls and boys _ in the haunted house. The little boy _ a giant pumpkin from the patch. They _ a chocolate bar from the tray of treats. My father _ a huge jack o’lantern. The children _ pumpkins for Halloween. The farmer _ a scarecrow in the pumpkin patch. The neighbors _ jack o’lanterns in all the windows. Hilda, a witch, _ in a haunted house. Cruella and Casper _ in Pumpkintown, South Carolina. A black cat _ on the fence. Three pumpkins _ on the table ready to be carved. A pretty princess _ at the door. Children _ at all the doors in the building. Superman’s cape _ caught in the door. Those chewy candy kisses _ stuck in your teeth. The ugly witch _ a wart on her face. The masks _ openings so you can see. Hudson _ through the graveyard every night. Children _ from door to door on Halloween.