Space Verbs 1 Game

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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The sky _ dark./0/gets,get The girls _ a book about the stars./1/gets,get One girl _ a book about the moon./0/reads,read Four children _ about the sun./1/reads,read He _ at the full moon./0/looks,look We _ at the sky./1/looks,look I _ a red star./0/see,sees The girl _ a blue star./1/see,sees The ship _ to the moon./0/goes,go Ships _ very fast./1/goes,go Sam _ about stars./0/learns,learn We _ about the sun./1/learns,learn My mother _ at the sky./0/looks,look We _ at the moon./1/looks,look Jared _ a star./0/sees,see The children _ the moon./1/sees,see The sun _ bright./0/grows,grow The stars _ dim./1/grows,grow The moon _ up the sky./0/lights,light Can we _ on Mars?/1/lives,live She _ at the lab./0/works,work They _ in space./1/works,work Nina _ "Twinkle, twinkle"./0/sings,sing Two boys _ the little star song./1/sings,sing He _ me the star map./0/gives,give They _ us a ride./1/gives,give He _ back to Earth./0/comes,come Tim and Ty _ to look at the stars./1/comes,come He _ a star./0/draws,draw The girls _ stars./1/draws,draw My brother _ in a rocket./0/rides,ride They _ in a rocket./1/rides,ride He _ a lot about the moon./0/knows,know The children _ the name of that star./1/knows,know The sun _ today./0/shines,shine The stars _ at night./1/shines,shine One man _ in space./0/walks,walk Four men _ in space./1/walks,walk He _ the moon./0/draws,draw They _ the moon./1/draws,draw Julie _ me find the stars./0/helps,help Teachers _ us learn about space./1/helps,help Jay _ to look at the sky./0/likes,like The children _ to see the stars./1/likes,like Lara _ to look at stars./0/loves,love The girls _ to look at the moon./1/loves,love Maddie _ on a star./0/wishes,wish The girls _ they could see the stars./1/wishes,wish My brother _ until the sun wakes him./0/sleeps,sleep The sisters _ at night./1/sleeps,sleep Eva _ the stars/0/counts,count The boys _ the stars./1/counts,count The cow _ over the moon./0/jumps,jump