Halloween Cryptogram Comics Word Puzzle

A witch's spell has removed and transformed the words in these comics!

Each letter has been encrypted, using a letter for letter substitution.

Counter the spell by guessing the original letters and words.

For an extra challenge fold along the dotted line and don't peek at the Hints.

Below is the encrypted text that was removed from the comic.

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Wow. That was a lot faster.; 1 My name is Helda, and I have a tendency to fly off the handle.; 2; The witch's name is Helda. This song goes out to all the *little people* I crushed on my way to the top.; 3 Automatic transmission is nice, but I still prefer driving a stick.; 4 Hey buddy can you spare some...Oh thanks!; 5 Oh, boy...a baby Ruth!; 6; Think of a popular candy bar. Ooo, look who got a hybrid; 7; Think Prius. Good morning, Mrs. Keith - You weren't home last night, so...; 8; The lady's last name is Keith. Let me get this straight. You want to register as an organ donor?; 9 I know it's you, Bailey, and the answer is still *no*.; 10; The man has a dog named Bailey. Wo! Hold on there Sport! I'm not into that whole body piercing scene!!; 11 That's your Uncle Joe. He's the black sheet of the family.; 12; The little ghost has an uncle named Joe. RAISINS? That's it. Change of plans.; 13 Bread crumbs? But it's Halloween!; 14 I know they're hot. But the oven mitt isn't allowed, Bob.; 15; Hey, is that an oven mitt on Bob's hand? The eye of newt - is it gluten-free?; 16; The witch who is speaking may have a gluten intolerance. It's nothing we can't fix with some super glue…and an extra week of physical therapy.; 17; Usually you just need the physical therapy. I'm so glad you're a vegan!; 18; Vegans don't eat any animal products - and that includes brains! I can't bring myself to cut them.; 19; And that's why he's not using a knife.