Free Printable Word Order Halloween Worksheet


Halloween Comics Sentence Scrambles Worksheet

Something scary has happened to the words in this comic! Use your capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original word order to the scrambled text.
Write a sentence in this box:
that uses all these words:

Put ALL the words above in the right order to form the missing punch line, and then write it in the blank space in the comic.

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1; No, no, we use bat wings and newt eyes for special spell potions... we use chickens for soup. 2; It runs on batteries. I'm trying to become more green. 3; Will you bury me? 4; I carve tiny faces on the seeds before I plant 'em. 5; Well, ordering this X-ray sure was a waste of time. 6; You're supposed to say "Trick-or-treat" not "Fill 'er up". 7; You wouldn't believe how many kids showed up while you guys were out! 8; Actually, it is a bad time - I'm rushing to get the kids out of the oven. 9; I don't care if he's a basketball! We're in love! 10; Zombies shouldn't throw their hands in the air like they just don't care. 11; Wait, are you who I came with? 12; Yeah, we're going to be late. Marya is taking forever to change. 13; Here's your problem - the safety's on. 14; I can't bring myself to cut them! 15; It's nearly Halloween, Lucy - get out of that depressing gothic outfit! 16; It's seen better nights, Esmeralda - maybe it's time to start riding your mop. 17; This is why vampires never get new hairdos. 18; It never looks as good as the picture in the recipe book. 19; Anything is good. I'm a universal recipient. 20; Look at her, the snob! First the Teflon cauldron and now THIS! 23; I've come for your soul! There is nothing you can... Ooo, is that chocolate? 24; The good news is that we found a donor head for you...; 25; She was driving while hexing. 26; Looks like the Invisible Man's gonna be a no-show again... 27; Yes, I think those soften the shape of your head.