Contractions Hockey Game


Form as many contractions as you can. Click a puck below to start the clock.

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are not,aren-t could not,couldn-t did not,didn-t do not,don-t does not,doesn-t have not,haven-t had not,hadn-t has not,hasn-t he had,he-d he is,he-s he will,he-ll I am,I-m I had,I-d I have,I-ve is not,isn-t I will,I-ll it is,it-s let us,let-s must not,mustn-t she had,she-d she is,she-s she will,she-ll should not,shouldn-t that is,that-s there is,there-s they are,they-re they had,they-d they have,they-ve they will,they-ll was not,wasn-t we are,we-re we had,we-d we have,we-ve we will,we-ll were not,weren-t what is,what-s what will,what-ll where is,where-s would not,wouldn-t you are,you-re you had,you-d you have,you-ve you will,you-ll