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What is an Aye-Aye?

The aye-aye ("eye-eye") /looks,look/0// like a weird little gremlin. Some people have said that it /looks,look/0// like Dobby from the Harry Potter series.

What is even stranger is that you /is,are/1// related to an aye-aye! Just like humans, apes, and monkeys, an aye-aye /is,are/0// a member of the primate family.

The aye-aye /lives,live/0// in Madagascar, a large island off the south east coast of Africa.

Aye-ayes /lives,live/1// in trees. They sleep all day and /stays,stay/1// awake at night. Their big bright eyes /helps,help/1// them see in the dark.

Aye-ayes /has,have/1// very odd hands. They /has,have/1// a very long bony middle finger. They /uses,use/1// it to grab fruits and seeds and to pull insects out of trees.

This witch-like finger /has,have/0// gotten aye-ayes into trouble. According to legend, if an aye-aye /points,point/0// its long finger at you, you're dead! Even though this isn't true, people /has,have/1// killed aye-ayes, believing this crazy superstition. Since the aye-aye's habitat /is,are/0// also being destroyed, aye-ayes have become an endangered species.

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