Fun Subject Verb Agreement Practice Game

All-Star Subject Verb Agreement Game

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Pick the correct verb.
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You ______ two points if you pick the correct verb.


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Over 40 percent of his three-point attempts _ good./1/is,are/3 100 percent of the crowd _ to support the team./0/seems,seem/3 Half the fans _ before the end of the game./1/leaves, leave/3 Half of the building _ power during the storm./0/loses,lose/3 A few of the players _ behind to sign autographs./1/stays,stay/3 Some of the players _ the shootaround./1/misses,miss/3 Some of the fans _ around for autographs./1/waits,wait/3 Some of the stars _ autographs for the fans./1/signs,sign/3 Some of the game _ pretty boring./0/is,are/3 Some of the crowd _ the penalty call./0/boos,boo/3 Some of the team _ still on the bus./0/is,are/3 A lot of people _ that our team will make the finals./1/believes,believe/3 A lot of the problem _ simply lack of experience./0/is,are/3 Most of the players _ Coach Grant./1/likes,like/3 Most of the team _ already on the bus./0/is,are/3 All the crowd _ on to the floor./0/surges,surge/3 All the crowd _ onto the court at the final buzzer./0/rushes,rush/3 All of the team _ on the floor warming up./0/is,are/3 All of the bench players _ to play./1/gets,get/3 All of the forwards _ good defensive players./1/is,are/3 Either Robinson or O'Neal _ likely to be our starting center./0/is,are/4 Neither Dennis nor Moses _ the rebound./0/grabs,grab/4 Neither of the guards _ well./0/shoots,shoot/5 Neither of the teams _ well./0/rebounds,rebound/5 Neither of the guards _ well./0/shoots,shoot/5 Neither of the teams _ well./0/plays,play/5 Either of the forwards _ able to fill in at center./0/is,are/5 Neither of them _ point guard very well./0/plays,play/5 Either the mascot or the cheerleaders _ the crowd during timeouts./1/entertains,entertain/4 Either their star or their role players _ to step up tonight./1/needs,need /4 Neither Vince nor his teammates _ up for the press conference./1/shows,show/4 Neither her shooting nor her ball handling _ improvement./0/needs,need/4 Either of the forwards _ well at center./0/plays,play/5 Neither of them _ likely to be drafted early./0/is,are/5 Everybody _ shooting well tonight./0/is,are/1 Everybody _ they could be a great team./0/thinks,think/1 Everybody _ the team is going to win tonight./0/believes,believe/1 Everybody _ when the team comes out./0/cheers,cheer/1 Everyone _ the team to make the playoffs./0/expects,expect/1 Everyone _ the players will play their best tonight./0/hopes,hope/1 Everyone _ it will be an exciting game./0/hopes,hope/1 Nobody _ shooting well today./0/is,are/1 Nobody _ the Celtics are going to win./0/thinks,think/1 Nobody _ to believe we lost./0/wants,want/1 Somebody in the crowd _ to cheer./0/starts,start/1 Somebody _ him a towel as he goes to the bench./0/hands,hand/1 Someone in the stands _ the victory chant./0/starts,start/1 One of the referees _ the call./0/makes,make/2 The bus full of players, trainers and coaches _ the parking lot./0/leaves,leave/2 The best shooter on the Pistons _ the small forward./0/is,are/2 The best defensive player among the forwards _ probably Pierce./0/is,are/2 A group of very tall men with their sports equipment _ the plane./0/boards,board/2 A group of very tall women _ into the lobby./0/walks,walk/2 Each of the players _ when introduced./0/stands,stand/2 Each of the teams _ to make the finals./0/hopes,hope/2 Each of us _ our hometown team to win./0/wants,want/2 Every one of the players _ the coach./0/respects,respect/2 The number of players drafted right out of high school _ small./0/is,are/2 The news of injuries to their key players _ their hopes./0/dashes,dash/2
Pronouns ending in "one" and "body" are singular. The number of the subject (singular or plural) is not changed by words between the subject and the verb. Subjects like "some," "half," "none," "more," or "all" can be singular or plural depending on what they refer to. If two subjects are connected by the words "or," "nor," "neither/nor," "either/or," or "not only/but also," use the verb form of the subject nearest the verb. "Either" and "neither" on their own are singular.