Free Online Sentence Word Order Game

Thanksgiving Scrambled Comics Word Game

Use capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original word order to the text missing from this comic.

Correctly placed words will change color.

(Press the comic to change size.)
Pick two words to make them switch places.

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1; I wish you had come to me sooner! 2; Honey, did you remember to put on the sunscreen? 3; Could we at least finish dinner first? 4; I meant pass me the stuffing from the turkey! 5; The brochure didn't mention anything about this! 6; I see a future filled with bread crumbs. 7; I quit to avoid getting axed. 8; When I told him we were having him for dinner, he got so excited I couldn't bring myself to do it. 9; We found the problem - all of your internal organs are in this little bag. 10; If we all demonstrate, maybe this year we'll get a decent retirement package. 11; For us, Billy, Thanksgiving is actually the day after Thanksgiving. 12; We're never going to get all two hundred balloons inflated in time for the parade!! 13; Honey, is there a reason you took out yet another life insurance policy on me? 14; Cancel our account with Macy's. 15; Wait... How do we know that's a REAL will and the turkey left both drumsticks to you? 16; Our turkey for your bone was not a fair trade! 17; Can you just refocus on how thankful you are? 18; Farmer Bob wouldn't do that to us. He LOVES us. Look, he just left us these beauty bars and this cool hairbrush! 19; C'mon, Sid, they invited us to the first Thanksgiving. What could go wrong? 20; You may have overdone it on Thanksgiving. Your jaw has repetitive stress injury... 21; See? Just trace your feathers like this, and you've drawn a person! 22; Of course it's alien abductions! How else would you explain the "November Phenomenon"?